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Our Approach

We provide marketers with powerful consumer insights and marketing advice, through the lens of the behavioral sciences. Marketing is all about changing consumer behavior and behavioral science is all about understanding the consumer and nudging them in the desired manner. There can not be a more perfect match!


Our Story

Marketers have deluded themselves by thinking that the consumers carefully consider the qualities of the myriad of brand options they are confronted with. In today’s digital environment, the consumer is not even willing to give you her attention, let alone her careful consideration. Marketers need to develop their strategies based on an understanding of real consumer behavior, not outdated marketing theories which were relevant when TV ruled supreme and consumer was a captive audience.



Meet the Team

Behave! is founded by the Illuminera Group, one of the most respected and successful firms offering consumer insights and integrated marketing services in China, and Ashok Sethi, who brings over three decades of experience in helping companies in marketing problem-solving in China and other Asian countries.

Paul Zhou

CEO The Illuminera Group

Paul is one of the most experienced marketing and consumer insights professionals in China. Before founding Illuminera nearly a dozen years ago, Paul was the General Manager of TNS Shanghai and Guangzhou. The Illuminera Group is one of the most respected and well known integrated marketing services firm in China, with offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Sydney and Melbourne.

Ashok Sethi

Co-Founder & CTO

Ashok has over 30 years of experience in market and social research consultancy – in China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries. Before joining the Illuminera Group, Ashok was the Managing Director of GfK in China and before that worked in several regional roles in TNS, including as the Head of Consumer Insights for Emerging Markets at TNS. Ashok’s special area of interest is harnessing the power of behavioral sciences to help address business issues and generate insights. He is an active speaker on Asian and Chinese markets and consumer trends at various industry and marketing forums. He is the author of the book “Chinese Consumers – Exploring the World’s Largest Demographic” https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-10-8992-3



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We employ the power of behavioral sciences to address any marketing issue in a comprehensive manner. All marketing is about changing consumer behavior, and consumer behavior is best explained by the rigor of behavioral sciences.

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