The Endearing Imperfection of Xi Mengyao

Chinese social media is abuzz with the Shanghai Victoria Secret fashion show and in particular about the Chinese supermodel Xi Mengyao. Xi Mengyao, sporting silver colored lingerie with wings, took a tumble while traversing the catwalk. After the fall, Xi quickly took control of herself, got up and continued her walk. One would expect that … Continue reading The Endearing Imperfection of Xi Mengyao

Anchored to luxury

Marketers often wonder at the size of the luxury goods market in China and the extraordinary ardor and passion with which the Chinese consumers have embraced this product category. While many factors contribute to China’s status as the largest luxury consumer in the world, the “anchoring effect” from behavioral economics also provides an important explanation. … Continue reading Anchored to luxury

Wang Fuman and the identifiable victim effect

Wang Fuman, an 8-year-old boy from Ludian county in Yunnan province, walks a little over four kilometers to his school every day. On a cold winter morning, when he reached the Zhuanshanbao school he presented an unusual sight – the two hours walk through the frosty air had covered his hair and eyebrows with snow, … Continue reading Wang Fuman and the identifiable victim effect